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There are as many lifestyles as there are homes, and as many ideas as there are individuals. However different our requirements may be, all desire a house or apartment in which we can relax and feel truly at home. If you are looking for an appealing and comfortable home, choose an energy-saving and energy-efficient light-frame prefabricated house! We can help you make the right decision when building your future home.

An energy-efficient, light-frame prefabricated house

  • can be easily adjusted to meet your requirements: both the structure and style will conform to your specifications
  • can be built quickly and simply, even within a matter of months
  • construction work will not impact you or the environment, since waste and noise are reduced
  • following its completion, the house will be in full harmony with its surroundings, since both building materials and construction technology are environmentally friendly
  • your durable home, built from high-quality materials, will serve as a comfortable and secure home not only for you, but for future generations as well, since the structure will survive for 600 years
  • you will enjoy your home every day of the year as it will be pleasantly cool in the summer and cosy during winter, and therefore cost-efficient throughout the year
  • thanks to energy-efficient technology, your energy costs will be lower as it will be easy to keep your heating, air-conditioning and electricity bills low
  • lastly, this house complies with the principles of sustainable growth since the ecological footprint created by its construction and operation will be considerably smaller

Interhaus-Barta Kft.

  • offers excellent quality at outstanding value for money
  • has many years of experience and a team of dedicated experts
  • can boast hundreds of references and the same number of satisfied customers in, among others, Hungary, Germany and Austria
  • manufactures buildings that already meet the stringent energy-efficiency regulations scheduled for introduction in 2020
  • holds European Technical Approval (ETA) valid for the whole of Europe